During the aid distribution many a times a greater need is opening itself to our survey.
People are trying to fix their distroyed houses  to survive cold winter.
In order to provide emergency support for such people New Dawn distributes primary building materials for the people to cover their roof holes and broken windows.

Over 300 days of full scale invasion caused widespread destruction on ukrainian territory and massive internal migration.
Terrible consequences of the fighting: destroyed homes, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and a large number of essential infrastructure.
Collective centers receive many thousands of people: elderly, women and children that escaped the occupied territories  and who moved further away from the fighting. People were accommodated on the floors, in corridors due to lack of adapted locations.

As New Dawn moves to the villages during  humanitarian missions it identifies  the needs to set up winter -shelters in a several regions of Mykolaiv and Kherson states.
In some situations the only possible solutions is new construction, in others – reconstruction of the least damaged buildings.

The aim of the programm is to prepare and equip as many shelters as possible for the rurale population and thus provide a warm place to survive the winter.