The population in numerous villages in Mykolayiv and Kherson states in Ukraine, that only recently have been freed is trying to survive in the zone where fighting is still ongoing.

The aim of this program to help people that, for various reasons, could not leave the red zones and where the humanitarian situation became catastrophic. 

During the missions the field team distributes aid to the most distant villages that mostly are cut of electricity supply, access to drinking water and food since many months. 

Aid -packs are prepared in advance in the Hub in Odesa. Each pack includes a standard food set and WASH products. Baby food and diapers are issued separately according to the age and size. The packs are then delivered to the villages with our vans. Qualified medical Staff is foreseen to be part of each delivery.

This setup allows the assessment of the needs in medical care and the required medical care can eventually directly be given to the people..