The cold winter has come and made it so much harder for the affected population to survive the consequences of the war.

In most of the liberated villages absolute distruction can be seen. Nevertheless people are coming back to what can hardly be called their homes anymore with the hope to rebuild their livelihoods.

The issues with electricity supply is ongoing in most of the villages for over 8 months: which means no warmth, no light but darknes, no power and no water supply. 

The aim of the program is to supply each village with a generator in order to at least enable people to cook and warm up food and charge their flash lights in the meeting points. 

There is also a constant distribution of candles, flash lights, sleeping bags and warm clothes, stoves and fuel. 

It was a tough 9 month for Ukraine. The humanitarian situation in the villages and towns is terrifying.

But with the upcoming winter we are facing  new extreme challenges.

Many people don’t have financial means to relocate, many have elderly parents that they can not leave behind, many just have nowhere to go. So people stayed in the villages. Some of which are fully destroyed. 

The issues with electricity supply is ongoing. After the destruction by artillery and rockets in many villages the power lines are damaged and at the moment repair services cannot restore electricity due to constant shelling.

Some don’t have power for over 8 month.. some can not even pomp drinking water. 

Due to the lack of electricity in the villages, people need generators, flashlights and candles.

New Dawn is trying to provide each village one by one with a power-generator in order to at least enable them to charge their flash lights and pump water. 

Also we are constantly working on proving stoves and fuel to each household as the woods and fields in the area are still heavily mined. 

Warm clothes, shoes and blankets are an urgent need as well as protection against the freezing cold.